Thursday, November 25, 2010


Well so far so good today. Exercise and food galore and doing different things to break the smoking mould (and mold) in my life. Essentially, I would like talk about fate in regards to synchronicity and freewill.
What I consider to be synchronicity are events which occur without our planning however in hindsight we revel in them to have some sort of significance. They essentially are coincidence which we notice to have relevance because the event has a mental association with something else; this association may hold some sort of emotional connection, some sort of aspiration which one hopes would manifest. May just be sh*t found dumb luck. Nevertheless, these are moments when life seems most alive and vibrant. We get a sense of meaning and reason in the events which unfold and we assert meaning to them. For example, if I were to go outside and because I noticed it was gray out AND because I am hoping to quit smoking, I could then say if it rains then I will make it through the day without a cigarette, thereby unloading responsibility for my actions onto the probability of the humidity and convection in the air today. Rather, naive yet we do these things all the time.
I want to reiterate that the purpose of this sort of thinking is to find meaning in the events which unfold in our lives. A sort of reinforcement that our trivial pursuits do amount to some sort of cosmic relevance and we aren't just treading water to survive. I believe that this in of it self is the purpose of live. According to evolutionists, the purpose of life is to become more fit and to reproduce such that our fitter, better, happier, more productive, comfortable . . . (radiohead "fitter happier") which is for the most part very blunt, selfish and mundane; it's the great American way. Fear and loathing in Las Vegas and the plight for the American Dream . . . they found the main nerve yet once it protruded, the ecstacy was too much and hopefully only the gonzo journalism had been able to capture the event which had transpired to a cataclysmic threshold.
However, according to philosophers, reproduction is secondary to the true meaning of life; to learn. To build one's own and others knowledge base so they may further another's knowledge. This is the scientific method and it is now found in databases accessible, implemented, and integrated with the internet (i.e. amalgamation of externets). What an age and what potential; it has become ever so clear that maybe reproduction is not as essential. At least in terms of one's disposition, position and availability to resources. In sum, don't make something that shouldn't be there. No F**kin' sh*t for sh*ts and giggles. But I'm a hypocrite and a little bit of a hedonist. What Can I say Eh, I like to Have a Good Time . . but again Moderation, timing, foresight from hindsight.
I'm kind of getting sidetracked here though. Fate, "what will be will be que sera sera" "Ob lah dee ob lah dah". I guess read into the signs and wonders but don't build your life around it because there needs to be some substance for endurance. It takes lemons to make lemonade and sooner or later they break down and produce a sour substance which without sugar, will only make you piss and moan a lot."
Finally, "carpe diem", "cogito ergo sum" live for the future which has a good past. One hand washes the other and many hands make light work. Only you can stand up for yourself; you're born alone and you'll die alone so you best be good on your own. Through a dog a bone and it'll be your friend, teach a dog to deer and have some fear. Blank faces plugged into themselves do no more than fill shelves. Shine your eyes and speak your voice, live not in fear but to rejoice. Keep up the good fight, go right, go write. Fear not the smite and the height. In our ways will things unfold so get off your a$$ and be bold. Two wrongs don't make a right and two rights fix a wrong, this is rather oblong. Forgive and forget, retreat to fight again; till next time I'm going around the bends.

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