Thursday, November 18, 2010


In the beginning there were words and the words were from God. But now we think that the words were from men who know that by speaking Gods morals, they could influence people in peculiar ways.

I've decided to begin blogging because I've heard that my words, though flawed and cryptic, do have some validity and some amusing appeal. I also find that articulating my thoughts offloads the burden of having them running around in my memory.

Thus, you poor souls are going to have to bear with me as I will admit that spelling was not my strong suit in school. I cheated rather than memorized to ROTE memory. Also, I traveled down the math stream rather than the language stream of academic discourse. I have made the transition due to a keen interest in the inner workings of the human mind. I am attracted to psychology because it is the study of thought and behaviour. From what I've learned in school, our thoughts are controlled by both covert and overt forces which drives our behaviours. They are very context specific and are modulated by innumerable factors which are or are not apt to our conscious attention.

I guess I will start with explaining my thoughts on consciousness. The principle memento of consciousness is cogito ergo sum: I think therefore I am. I exist in my head which from what I gather, a machine which is continuously interpreting changes in the environment (both internal and external). The internal are monitored by key structures which work in unison to maintain and ordinate the organism around the environment to facilitate reproduction and survival.

The external environment is analysed based on sensation and perception. Our senses use transduction for the various energies proximal to us and adapt them to a modality which our perception is capable of interpreting. There are various and seemingly an infinite impacts which influence this but in general, these are a hinderance. Sure they maintain survival which is good, BUT the trouble is that our minds are seemingly overwhelmed by this exponentially changing world.

This leads me to technology. What is it? People seem to think it this savior of all our troubles or tendencies to be docile and progressive. They view science as some sort of infallible discipline which is discovering the parameter and the intricacies of the reality. However, in reality, science is a meme or idiom for a process of empirical research and analysis. It is a method for comparing information to divulge theories which are more true or feasible than previously thought.

Technology has birthed a rather novel enterprise which has impacted humanity on a scale so gargantuan that those who are out of the loop are quickly falling behind the development of consciousness. We are now interconnected via satellite to every other entity who are also plugged in. Awareness about peoples affairs, current beliefs, 'news', stories, anticipations, aspirations. Precedented developments and presumed degradations. We are able to share songs and movies, documents and other things of numerical relevance. Marshal McLuhan would be quite impressed with the internet and Jung must also know that we now have an interconnected consciousness.

Religion is the dogmatic impetus to control the masses. The highlighting features are the tendency to emphasis a reluctance to question authority, to hinder independent thought because independent thought can't be controlled. There's a resounding influence to facilitate their tendency to become drones. To reproduce in a hive mind to be enslaved to the queen so that the fitter better happier can propagate. Fitter have more children, happier means they become more passive and content with their reliance on the dogmatic principles.
Yes, we are dependent upon each other but it seems that those who are more sociopathic, selfish, greedy, etc. are really the one's in control. I don't care if the come for me. Put me out of my misery. I know you are searching these texts for keywords and classifying those who pose a threat. Guess what, we make your food, we pump your gas, we wipe your ass and you need us so grow something better, faster, stronger.
Fucked if I am paranoid, but I can't help but notice the infrastructure which is in place to enable the rich to get rich and the poor to be left behind. Is this really the principle for a technologically advanced culture? We cannot even help our own in an affluent nation because of the propensity for self-preservation. Our tendency to stockpile and build a reserve for the unprecedented and unforeseen future.  
The trouble with hoarding is that there are always a limited abundance of resources and by being (thinking and acting) prehistoric, pre-civility, and exhibiting selfish rather than altruistic mechanisms. We are inhibiting our societal development. Sure people need to die and people need to be born because we are in a population crisis because of the unequal distribution of wealth. This is what I think Marx was getting at because in a utopia we would all get along but we aren't and resource distribution is oblong.

I pose no solution because I have no control. I am dependent on the system to which we extol. We think our opinion matters at the poll. We don't see that our eyes are covered with wool because getting toys seems to be our goal. We eat it up from the crumb to the whole
We are now consumers. No longer farmers. We manage each others productivity to pacify our time while the man collects a dollar to our dime.
Grass roots are burned and media mediums are unconcerned. It's not what matters but what sells, which discerns.

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