Thursday, March 24, 2011


Well it has been well over a month but I'm feeling enlightened tonight to convey some of my thoughts. I can't even categorize them but regardless here they are. While washing dishes I came to think doubt is easy and people are much quicker to judge and discredit other people's beliefs than they are to devise their own. It is typically easier to listen than to talk because to listen is to judge while talking or articulating requires a degree of insight. Of course not absolutely or in any context but seemingly for the majority of the time.
People are prone to bastardizing beliefs and faith because one also doesn't like to be wrong; fear is noxious however it is also the force which guides ourselves to seek that which evokes less fear. Take Christianity for example. I once knew someone who rebuked this system because she said it was condoning convictions of fear to guide one towards living a life of asceticism. The irony is that, albeit hopefully, she will come to understand the merits of restraint and virtuous self-control. I'm not making claims that one should abstain from all vices and void-joys but simply suggesting that the goal does not justify the means. Love and time are the most valuable resources humans poses yet it also seems that the constituents of love and the quality of time have both been perverted; a lull in civilized stature.
Stability, resourcefulness and a resounding need for resilience are our plights to excellence yet to they are qualities which are never satisfied nor content; a working process which propels studiousness and humble stoicism. Does this even make sense? Surely these ideas are of the same origin but our insatiable need to tailor semantical discrepancies has become a zealous undertaking of academia or the esteemed intellectuals.
All I can say left for this eve as I know tomorrow comes fast is: one can never relinquish hope or faith (in what is relative) because to uphold a purpose and function is divine and otherwise dismal solitude combined with contemplative non-existence toil the waking thoughts and comes to mean nothing. Something is better than nothing so long as happiness is emphasized though suffering is needed to make joy more salient. Do not hate pain but understand it exists for preservation of self and to make the lack thereof all the better. Take joy in small assumptions such as breath and sustenance be it food, water, shelter or love because all are necessary for peace or maybe serenity.
Think fast, talk slow, say less but mean more. Keep on the proper path to avoid pathology with the foresight for hindsight; live for before but looking forward; Construe true constellations. Find the pi in onions to base opinions. Cherish, forgive and live both new and old memories. I am spent; goodnight