Sunday, November 28, 2010

Music e' Motion

Greetings all and I apologize for my tardiness of late. I have only excuses and little reason. My quest to quit smoking has held but not with absolute abstinence. BUT only a couple as compared to 1/2 to 3/4 of a pack should be my crowning achievement to facilitate further absolution and progress. Enough about me though and more about you.
Music! Bellows Benicio Del Toro in an acid frenzy clinging to a shower curtain, beckoning Depp to play the translucent melody of J. Airplane. "There is something primal and uncanny about the base" I screamed to an associate at the local club called Vinyl. Ironically, they spin no vinyl and the DJ knows only to play. No interaction between crowd and creator; utter disgrace and dismantlement of what could partially be a healthy and virile scene. But alas, I digress and confess that the music is best when one is obsessed by the quest to be impressed and undressed. A DJ, orchestra, band or brethren must include their muse into their views or their reviews will diffuse, confuse and reap empty pews.
What exactly am I talking about? If you have been there then you know. A venue ascertains a moment in time that will never happen again. A moment where we are united in mind and body as we climax towards the next chorus. Something reminiscent revels and we all know the next phase; in a glaze we scream the line that pays, "Rats in a Maze" as the poet conveys the plays of the strays. Euphoria screaming G L O R I A, or bellowing a remote utterance to the true lyrics. It is the intent being the product of content where we comment the moment and condone it.
You can listen to your music at most any place or time. Embrace the rhythm and rhyme but I find the best grind is amongst my kin in proximal pulsation. Crowded and being shoved as the wallflowers migrate, I try to refocus on the sound and the ground; feet bound and mind wound. Play my song, yes that's my jam and I don't care if I look hammed. I will stand and scream out my voice because I decide and this is my choice. Music for all and for all a good night, bequeath thee best plight in your "RIGHT, TO PARRRRTT EEHH". Side B; DJ drop the beat,
Take me back to the 8 track as I cut slack and retract to the fact that I'm jacked for this piece which is so stacked. Keep on rockin', Keep on dancing, Keep on Keeping on and beckon the feckin' Composer to not be a hosier. Keep it Raw, Real, and Relative.
Right, write, trite
Good Night

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