Monday, November 22, 2010

Unexpected Events

Got the paper done on four hours sleep. My topic for today are unexpected events because there's no shortage of those. Essentially, most unanticipated events can theoretically be anticipated and planned for if one keeps a vigilant and acute awareness of their circumstances. The trouble is most of us aren't very good at that. There's a plethora of distractions constantly provoking our attention which hinder our ability to think logically, pragmatically, and coherently. Sometimes we even seek distraction, procrastination, and amusement contrary to our best intentions. So how do I circumvent this problem. Focus, because he who hesitates masturbates: yup, you're f**king yourself.
A relatively new (empirically) yet actually ancient practice for heightening your ability to focus revels in the art of meditation. I'm not talking that levitation while chanting one (unless that works for you). I mean just taking a half hour to focus on as little as possible. Put on some transient music; something mellow slow and 'synthie' with smooth transitions and void of those prominent bird calls and water falls. You're looking for white (or w/e color you enjoy) noise but moderately stimulating. Because the brain is constantly comparing and modulating sensations to dictate perception (both conscious and unconsciously), to train it to simmer and embrace flaccidity can be very invigorating. Furthermore, the better you get at meditation, the better you will be at focusing (practice effects) and the better your mind will function on multiple modalities.
Compound this with exercise and a healthy diet and you've got an eternal life elixir; or the next best thing. Now, coping with the unexpected is easier said than done. First of all, always aspire to keep calm. Your brain doesn't do well with thinking when you're emotionally aroused. It's an evolutionary by-product of what I'll call "shit, tiger" formerly known as fight-or-flight. Physiologically it is your sympathetic nervous system kicking in to kick ass. This works great for dodging buses but when it comes to solving an equation or articulating a coherent sentence, not so good. Hopefully you've been practicing your meditation and can switch into a tranquil and transient state but if you're not the Dalai Lama then try your best and work with what you have. Plan your work and work your plan; don't be an ape, be a man (or person for all you conniving feminists out there). Think things through based on your clue and don't adhere to it like glue. Revise, devise and improvise or else your static will be your demise. Get in the flow and know where to go. Treat your mind and body well and you will be able to tell. The tale I've sought to unveil has led me to the end of this trail.
- "Fear and stupidity has always been the basis of most human actions" - Albert E=MC squared
- "To infinity and beyond" - Buzz Light Year

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