Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Greetings one and all. I've been swayed to do a little update and thought I would talk about nature vs. nurture since I've started a cool book emphasizing nature (i.e. the dynamics of genes). So I have managed to endure the grueling process of quiting smoking. Have relapsed on occasion but still manage to remain a non-smoker. Been exercising mostly everyday; a one hour routine of cardio and calisthenics. Also been eating a lot in a ploy to gain weight. Gained a good five pounds with five as an indicator of improvement and a final goal of another ten. School started, last semester and looking for a job once volunteering expires. I'm intentionally being kinda elusive because well . . I don't sincerely care about people anymore or at least these days. I'm dead inside and here for the ride, till time turns the tide I will not confide.

Anyways Nature versus Nurture . . the latter impacts the former. They aren't mutually exclusive but we are the manifestation of our genes and proteins and it seems that the external impacts the internal in a symbiotic relationship. Congruently, is it the energy in the light-bulb which aids me to see or is the the light-bulbs certain conductive properties which brightens my night? Is it the source of the light or is the composition just right.
I put on my genes and they were a little loose but that's okay because I'm a little baggie these days and don't need to fit the cliche just yet. I'll get the dress-shirt, dress-pants, lasik and gel when I leave this hell where I wish I could be saved by the bell. The life comes with the salary which comes with the scene, serenity oh so serene. See what I gleam as I dream and keep keen. In the mean time .. fuk U:
Cee Lo Green - Fu c k You 


  1. Nice prose at the end there.
    It's sometimes good to cut your ties, but try not to burn any bridges while you're at it.

  2. Cheers,
    Yea I've cut ties and took the ferry to get to the other side. Cool blog and great work w/ photoshop ^^.