Sunday, January 23, 2011


Thought I'd update this since I've been AWOL, MIA, and other syllogisms which excite your fancy. Busy life or so I'd say and I've managed to keep enduring though some aspects continue to linger. Still not smoking but I slip up when in certain company. Still exercising and over eating though I think at this point I'm just eating often because I haven't the time or the desire to be uncomfortable. Anyways, enough about me and my exuberant life of benevolence, malevolence, dissidence, hesitance and suspense. I feel compelled to share a little exert from a post mandated by a lulling course I've subjected myself to:

Cheating in Sport

I think that cheating in sports is inevitable. Because of the high demand for a competitive edge then individuals will seek all alternatives and prospects which pose an opportunity to excel. I'm reluctant to condone a zero-tolerance mentality because I understand that the world is not black and white. Authorities have the intentions of eliminating the use of substances which are shown to be harmful to those who use them. However, the verdict is still out for a lot of nutrient substitutes, stabilizers and a kaleidoscopic plethora of other 'legitimate' enhancers. I think the term 'drug' is pretty elusive and subject to interpretation seeing as the dominant criteria which connotes inclusion is based on conglomerates who endorses and receive revenue from such classifications. Therefore, I say continue to investigate and hash out the harmful effects of substances athletes ingest and continue to reprimand those for emancipated transgressions but remain weary of fraudulence too. You are what you eat and if you've gotta 'supplement' to keep up then maybe there is something wrong that you aren't addressing; which is to find contention in your calibre of performance and don't take it out on yourself so much. Pertaining to 'doctoring' your equipment, I say regulations mandate the criteria and to thwart this is an act of anarchy; fore shame, for shame. You know we are LIVING IN A SOCIETY!

Fans are indifferent because they are fanatical and selfish, void of empathy and compassion; loyalty is a rarity, opinions vary and what people say and do have vast incongruity. In a disposable society we throughout the razor who has lost its edge and look for the next best thing; sad really but life ain't fair and all we can do is try not cry or go awry.

Gamesmanship versus Sportsmanship are nice fuzzy terms to illustrate if one plays a game versus if one plays a sport. If you've read my short diatribe about contrasting the two then you'll know that sports are about competition and deduce that games are about recreation aka fun. Thus, is it ironic that these terms are paradoxical or at least contrary to what they're to represent. I know gamesmanship is supposed to infer an emphasis on winning the game and sportsmanship is supposed to emphasize being a good 'sport' but I do find it uncanny. Nonetheless, my experience revolved about discerning these two terms and remembering that sportsmanship relate to games and gamesmanship relate to sports.

So as you see I succumbed to my tendency to overuse my vocabulary and conjunctive articulation. Hence, I'm not going into research and prefer people to paper. Though both seem to be the bane of my existence these days. Nonetheless! PROGRESS and DIGRESS!


  1. To cheat or not to cheat, that is the question...sometimes its hard to silt out the morality from the corruption; I mean on a personal level.

  2. I'm a little deviant personally so I think that getting an edge is a natural way to compete. However I also enjoy the idealistic and puritan mentality of achievement through sheer skill. Yea, it is a tough one. I guess the scenario or context really dictates perspective. In general I'm opposed but in the situation I am apt to doing what it takes under pressure; usually due to misspent time, irresponsibility, and other parts of growing up and bending over.