Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Thought I'd update this because it's been a while and I'm looking to defer studying yet again. Old habits die hard but I do try and will succeed. Had a funk of a weekend with the remission of some obsessive thought processes which are starting to simmer again but nonetheless leads me awry. I've gotta get out of my life I think, any takers or condolences?
In the wake of malice and mediocre bourgeois, the proponents become ever so clear. Nuance and exile infer a contingency of unkempt contempt. Stout rapture of a glorified prodigy, a paragon to piety or pity; you decide. Could this be the end or a new beginning? What was that . . . were they listening . . . never mind. This is bat country and someone's been feeding booze to these goddamn animals. It's a feeding zoo frenzy with my consciousness as an appetizer. Only me and my faithful companion prevail on this thimble called here or now or some resonance of existence. If only he could talk we would demarcate to our perspective sides, to thrash about wildly like a snake in seizure. Ambivalence maybe or certainly not boredum seeing as there are dogs tearing themselves to shreds just out my window. Silly beasts, tricks are for skids.
Whatever, I enthrall in the plight of life. The bliss extacy and reciprocal slumber of perpetuating preclusions. Occlude we may but only the sleeping dragon guards the treasures in the cave. Wake him and shield your catacombs because a whirlwind hast never flew over the coo coo's nest. Well, my times up and another shift's in the bag. Now onto MEMORY!! oh, I may have the pleasure of augmenting 'retrograde amnesia' on wikipedia so keep your ears low for that. Other than that I'll leave you to your own devices to which suffices.

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow. Never before seen hear you all for the days of bedazzlement are at hand. Random or cryptic, serious or sarcastic, insane or persistent, polarity or passivity. Rectify Rectify Rectify, Electrify, Electrify. Cookie mmhh sigh*

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