Monday, November 29, 2010


Not too sure why I chose this topic tonight. Smoking update: still working at it. Had a relapse yesterday but am without again, thus I think tomorrow could be my first day of abstinence; wish me luck. Anyways, affluence adheres the the principle: the rich get richer and the poor go out the door.
We live in a very lucky age. As a bigot prof of mine once said, "we are fortunate junkies". Some addictions are more socially acceptable than others but all incur costs and likely they outweigh the benefits. The depth of one's pocket moderately modulates their choice of consumption but either way, usually exceeded the desired expenditure. Ironically, those who work the least make the most due to their experience and those who work the hardest make the meritocratic standard to accumulate a surplus or capital for those who likely squander these resources due to their demarcation from pragmatics.
Then there are those freeloaders who legitimize their lack of contribution on some seemingly inept quality. In my opinion, everyone should work somehow to earn their bread. The only free cheese is in a mouse trap (Russian parable). Doing so builds autonomy, competence, skill-sets and a positive disposition to approach future tasks (aka problems). Progressive propositions penetrating pacification.
Sorry but this'll have to be a short one tonight. Tired and have to mentally prepare myself for a long and hopefully successful day.
Stick to your wit and never submit to the hypocrite; not even a bit or they'll run with it.

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