Thursday, December 2, 2010


Day 3 in the bag! Hump day for an ex-smoker and the rest is still uphill; w/e though b/c I think my heart is broken. Onwards and Upwards! I'm curious why no 1 leaves comments so I decided to write a bunch of stuff that'll pi$$ people off and maybe inspire some interpersonal dialog rather than me just writing to myself everyday.
I don't necessarily adhere to the following but I can surely say it to f**k with you all because I'm learning to be more of an a$$hole. Mainly, because I'm too nice of a guy and trying to stick up for myself instead of being a doormat for the succubus and vultures in this world. So here it goes and I don't apologize in advance. F**k you.
1. Men should have never let women vote because once they got their voice, all they will do is b*tch b*tch. STFU and work outside for a change. Whimper about how you make only 70c to every dollar a man makes. SUCK it because that only leaves us men with 30c. I'm not saying all you women are bad but I will say never trust anything that bleeds for a week and doesn't die. Conniving, pathetic and judgmental raiders with a goal to get a head by giving it. You are you're own worst enemy and you'll get yours in the end.
2. All you white people, travel and know how much of an ass you are.
All you Asian people, travel less because there's too many of you and I'm scared.
All you Jews, Nazi's were afraid of you because you were and are still too damn rich and condescending.
All you Black people, all I have to say is sorry and you know what.
All you Hispanics, re f**kin' lax, there's lots of work still.
All you Men, just get it over with and kill each other
Get me while you're at it please, I'm sick of this mystery and misery and I'll give you a run for your $.
3. I am better than you because I know so. I don't even have to prove that to myself because I know me more than you and likely don't really want to know you b/c you'd hurt me more than I hurt myself.
4. F**k you wimps, write something in my comments b/c you all are too busy and have no guts.

There, good ol' fashion catharsis and mud slinging .. get dirty b*tch b/c the gloves are off and i'm jagged.
Atom Bomb in your rock paper scissors.
No peace w/o War! Population crisis and we need another genocide, put me at the top of the list.


  1. You are one sick Fu*k

  2. Man ease up a bit. You may not mean all of this, but still...You've got at least one person reading, no need to stoop.

  3. When you hit a new low then you've gotta blow E some steam; even if it's just fog it'll clear a bog. Besides it's my blog and i'm a hog.