Saturday, November 20, 2010


The following is a piece I wrote in my journal and thought it was provoking:

This seems to be the most appropriate place to begin because it is so central to myself and seemingly to others too.
Now, when I refer to spirituality, I address one's basis for theiir demeanour, personaliity, morals, and principles. I detest the dogmatic unquestioned literal consolidation or adherence to verbatim obedience of doctrine. Such doctrine is often writen in either a grandios, manefesto, and or deemed supreme authority indigted by an establishmen, organisation or supposed diety. The context need be ambiguous to instigate or provoke interpretation, plagurism, and semantical ludicricity. Otherwise, specifics are interpreted in a liiteral rather than subjective sense.
I choose to not suscribe to any religion because each advocates righteous principles but get caught up in political segregative and power-striving endeavours. Usuallly one group are believed to be wholisticallly superior than another and the deviate are to be thwarted to redeem or rectify their transgressions. This is faulty and fascistic reasoning which facilitates greed, lust, and power (to just name a few adjectives). One must understand that the superordinate declaration is species specific and other conspecifics are intrinsically contributive to the development and progression of the whole (i.e. unified humanity).
Each rhetoric adheres to culture-specific orientations which undermine a specie's aspiration for self and collective improvement. This is technology: the use and occasionally misuse of tools which facilitate a process which may be impossible, redundant, mundane or complicated. We invent and circumvent such luxuries for both selfish and altruistic compensation.

It is important to develop some method of self-actualization self improvement and a sense of relation to reality or the universe (to infinity) but I don't think that any human paradigm can comprehensively interpret the dynamics and thus no consensus should be formulated as an absolute measure. If want to form a social group then all the better but to go about ostracizing other groups for their reluctance to join is ignorant. Ignorance is bliss but in ecstasy and the plight for utopia one must also understand that this is not a mutually exclusive venture. Every action has a consequence in a plethora of integrated integrity: the butterfly effect captures this very succinctly.
Human's number one flaw and shortcoming is their inability to effectively operate and implement the impacts of exponential growth. We have only dealt with this phenomena relatively recently because of our devised methods of sustaining information beyond a life-time. Evolutionarily we based our analysis on a need-be and remote analysis. We base our probability on experience rather than algorithmic truancy. Could this be the downfall of our rather parasitic existence? It's 11:59 in the bacteria bottle and we're still wondering if the grocery store is 24hr. Foresight seems stifled by recursive thinking without taking change into the equation. If we seek spiritual cleansing, f**k the bran muffin, devise a feasible way to implement and maintain sustainability. Our physical existence sort of depends on it unless we want to really emulate true parasitic nature and infect other planets with our tendency to underestimate resource depletion.
Well, that's all the ranting for now. Do your homework and fake a good grade in the charade which we call the education system. A demarcation point of information exchange to a corporate ploy, using access as a decoy to seem coy. True democracy in action!

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