Sunday, November 21, 2010


Decided to write about focus today because it is something I am lacking lately and something I usually struggle with. For example, I have a surplus of work due this week and due to some novel circumstances, I've done basically nothing; lots of procrastinating and organizing.
The trouble really is that i put the ass in assume; I presume that I am capable of accomplishing more than is realistic. In over-estimating my abilities and under-estimating the task difficulty I usually perform at a substandard level which means that I get by with the skin of my teeth. Regardless, we do the best with what we have and try to develop what skills we do have to ascertain our goals.
A little anecdote, what does a French teacher sound like when telling the class to focus. Basically, if we don't pay attention then we screw ourselves.
But all is not lost. We can heighten our skills of attention capacity by omitting impulses. Using introspection and being aware of our desires we can take conscious thought and hopefully either pacify or augment this somehow. Anyways, looks like I've lost focus of my priorities and responsibilities yet again. Got a paper due tomorrow instead of Wednesday. Thus, I will likely not sleep tonight. Wish me luck.

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