Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Intricacies of Starcraft

To the feeble minded I would advise to disregard the following explanation of my diatribe about Starcraft but I find the e-sport fascinating. There are several factors which compose the dynamics of the game. Each has a derivative which cascade in a multi-leafed tree. The key elements are macro management, micro management, economy, tactics, and build-orders.
Macro management is comprised of the ability to make units and buildings while simultaneously multi-tasking between other key elements. The mental and motor tasks required entail, hot-key updating, queuing up  units in the appropriate combination while analyzing what units you and have and what you anticipate your opponent to have; keeping track of your supply and gaging your economy to allocate resources appropriately. By appropriately I mean according to which tactics you employ and your general unit compositions which fair more eloquently in the heat of battle.
The battle is really what dictates the outcome of the game because if you are ambushed, flanked, or misstep then you likely will loose an unfavorable amount of units which puts you behind your opponent.
This is what us fanatics call micromanagement.
Thankfully in Starcraft 2, this was automated to some extent because of auto mining but that is no excuse to get lazy. Where and what you click is crucial; position your units in a wide open area while idle, scout your opponent looking for both holes in play and units provoking, there is a kaleidoscopic abundance to tasks to juggle while being aware of exactly what is manifesting in the game.
Economy is the product of constant worker production to the power of what revenue is garnered. This means keeping track of how many workers are present at each facility and keeping track of the pluralistic acceleration of income.
Expand when favorable, attack when favorable, retreat if you know you're beat and mull over the scenario. Find holes for either drops, snipes, and scouting.
Last I want to talk about build-orders because this is the bread and butter of a competent player. In an aforementioned section I stated: where and what you click is monumental. The order of the development in your architecture effects the progression of the game. You start by deciding your strategy and then enact the correct scope and depth to transition at pinnacle times. Go fast and hard, go passive and intelligent, go big or go home, go with a strong offense and omit some defense, go high or low, tricky or sticky. There are different ways to get to your end-goal and you have to anticipate your opponents moves based on your experience and acute sense of current state phenomena.

In sum, these key elements are what you must acquire, practice, 'perfect' and develop based on current paradigms in the community. A Starcraft Player, in an evolutionary sense, must adapt to the virtual environment or they will not compete as well with con-specifics and be thwarted of status, report and prestige.

Now the community, aside from the game and competition it self, are another confounding dynamic to the slew of benefits from this hobby. You meet interesting people from around the world, develop relationships and interact on a very affluent basis. The hoards of people interested knows no bounds to supporting each other in the love of such a robust and sophisticated e-sport. Yes, E-Sport because it requires any amount of cortical arousal which is synonymous to the distribution of activation. I have no basis for this claim except for the assumption that the tactile dexterity, visual coordination, auditory acuteness, planning and assessing, emotional regulation to think rationally rather than focusing of the possible out come of the match. These are all traits and characteristics of something which requires experience and dedication for the betterment of self and affiliates.

I don't want to even touch the progamer scene which is extolled in the community. Top ranked players duke it out on a quasi-daily basis to ascend up various brackets, ladders, ratios for the chances at sizable monetary compensation, gratitude and recognition.

SO there . . . I've said my piece and now have peace. I've highlighted what I think is unique about a Starcraft hobby vis-a-vis some less cerebral venture. All good things in moderation and put responsibilities first and foremost. Besides only the fanatics make it and you should focus on getting your life together in tandem with homing your keen intellect, dialect, respect, affect, and effect. Protect your subject and suspect an aspect to project and resurrect.

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