Saturday, February 12, 2011


A bright and sunny Saturday awaits me with the promise of much camaraderie, music and laughter. Thus, in this mood I thought I'd redeem my posts of late since February tends to be the toughest month. Thank God it's a short one. Yes, updates . . well still dabbling with smoking cigarettes and it's been months since I've blazed. I've found that quiting smoking is one of those things that you intend to do and do eventually get around to it but in the mean time its trivial. I'd be fine if I never had to socialize but the habit is a means to escape the scene to the serene and tranquil outdoors to engross in either dyadic conversation or observe nature and all it's inhabitants. With valentines day coming up I'd like to briefly say, poor schmucks who have fallen trap to the ludicrous charade called love. As I awoke and watched the dawn glisten today I saw a lovely couple walk side by side as they vicariously discussed their divorce and financial disentanglement. Poor folk must think that there's either someone else out there or that they'd be happier alone. Maybe so but nonetheless, time is ticking and people don't age as well as wine. We tend to get more bitter and rancid as our meat loosens and brains become ever more volatile.
- Note to self: find thy self. Also if you find my mind let me know because I've been looking for it.
School is good because I've almost made the 2nd last hump towards my degree; 2nd wave of midterms and papers, final and I'm DONE!! FTW, I've got a degree; someone hire me. I will wave the fee to purse salary. Needlessly, I've completed my quest and didn't do my best but I was there in body and in that's what counts. Oh yes, and I paid for it or just about.
Now, in my closing remarks I'd like to say Hell ya and WtF because as I said to a friend yesterday, "my brain feels like a burnt sponge floating on a sea of syrup or some other viscous liquid.
Um, at last adieu and till next time I feel moved, I bid fare belle and enjoy this little song:

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