Monday, February 14, 2011


Adjective Valentines day to myself and cat today!
Thought I'd divert some lyrical energy into this instead of talking about evolution and fitness. My topic is February or maybe better know as Fed-up-U-weary month. Seems like this is about the time of year that a lot of people become rather run roughly. Is it the lack of sun (cold overcast days), valentines day, illness, or none of the bad. Here in Canada we do have Family day and winter break so there is some release but nonetheless.
On a tighter note I will tote the ease which brings me limber and limerick alliteration. The following may make no sense but it's my penance and suspense as these seemingly phonetic utterances comply to grammar yet semantically and emphatically they digress. It could be that "Colorless green ideas sleep furiously" or maybe there's something deeper than rote memories. Blank expressions dive deep into a pool of nimble honey. Can you elaborate to dilate my lack of creative expression? Do you see through these lines to fill the white space which leaves much to be desired? Have you ever touched the surface of your skull where there used to be a lull but now lays something to mull. HEY! BE HERE NOW was their tomorrow's symbiont. Mass grievance for an unfulfilled providence. Nonetheless, where there was a damp cloth there is now a dry sponge and the dishes are done so lets eat. This is for me to know and you to find out; what the heck am I talking about, move on to the next phase . .:
So there I was sipping on some tanquiray when all of a sud on my lip sprouted a fur round rip. Eye law, stop bearing under pressure and cat or acts break concentration.

WEll back to reality . . oh If anyone finds my mind let me know. In the mean time, rewind to wear down the tape so that you can go digital in this new age. Keep Free, Dumb Writes 4EvA

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