Sunday, December 12, 2010


Been preoccupied for the last while on procrastination. Today is day 11 .. yesterday was too but I slipped up after feeling lonely at a party. Maybe lonely isn't the best word but I guess I just miss history at times and suppose what an ideal life may have been . . but life isn't rainbows and sherbet; it is what is in your head and what you do which don't always coincide. Anyways, I apologize in advance to anyone who may read this:
I'm going to be more absent in the future: i'm working on a paper back novel called 'the Derek bible'. Ideally, it will be part of an intuitive which entails a sort of book exchange system whereby a writer and reader mail their respective copy to each other. Maybe like a open publishing service where someone reads your work and you read someone's work to circumvent the whole commercial process of publishing and that stuff which is ultimately for the masses who, lets face it, are capable of being coaxed, swayed, mislead etc. 
Anyways, No one really is reading this except myself a buddy and the occasional curious individual thus I will work on my novel till more comments provoke a return. 
It is synced to my email which also is synced to my mobile; therefore I am aware of submissions and your contributions won't go unnoticed.
In the mean time, adieu adieu and cheers.
PS. That means if you enjoy my insight then comment to encourage interaction. I'm open to discussing anything so long as it is not super conventional.

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